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What kind of people are traveling here?

Interesting data on travelers

Show Me the Money

How much money are homeowners and businesses losing within Fairfax County actually losing???

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Fairfax County Regulations on Short Term Rentals

Here is a link to the Fairfax County website that has more detailed information on the regulations as well as how to apply for the permit.

Arlington VA Regulations

Arlington Va impact study on AirBnB and regulations can be found here

Fairfax County Survey on Short Term Rentals

Here is the summary of the survey that Fairfax County did on Short Term Rentals.  Of the 1.5 million residents there were 7,600 responses which is statistically a very large sample with a less than half a percent of error margin.

City of Alexandria signs agreement with AirBnB

The City of Alexandria signed an agreement with AirBnB to collect the TOT tax in a historic and progressive move.

Taxes collected in Alexandria surpass expectations

The City of Alexandria successfully collected taxes thru AirBnB for the first time

Washington Post Article on Regulations in DC

The Hotel Lobby VS homeowners


The Hotel Industry's plan to combat AirBnB

Who is really behind the regulations

Evidence of early position by Hotel lobby against AirBnB

Hotel industry took a offensive position in a very aggressive program that rolled out state by state.

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