Short Term Rental Regulations History & Timeline


Short Term Rentals in Fairfax County

An excerpt from Mt says hospitality has been a staple in Mt Vernon since the 18th century.   "Short Term Rentals have always been around in Virginia.  In 1798, the Washington's welcomed 670 overnight guests , who were wined and dined in what one guest described as "the genteelest manner."    Mount Vernon was the home of our first President George Washington and an amazing entrepreneur whose estate still draws thousands of new visitors to the area every year in addition to being a lively location for many local events in the community.

People have been renting their homes out  in Fairfax County for centuries without onerous short term rental regulations. Only in 2016 after the General Assembly passed a law did they start to say it was illegal.  Even worse, they asked people to report "illegal short term" owners.  They have never asked for any other type of violation to be reported by a neighbor other than this that we know of.  We have numerous examples of Short Term Rentals being a permitted use including multiple cases where a Fairfax County employee told homeowners it was legal. airbnb vacation rentals

May 3rd, 2018-Board of Supervisors hearing

Laura & Tricia met here in the back of the room while listening to this hearing.  We began talking, then regular meetings with additional hosts from AirBnB met.  The group quickly formed and gained momentum after this to discuss the short term rental regulations that were being proposed that would affect all short term rentals. 

July 10th Public Hearing

Our group of hosts is well established by this date and we organized over 40 speakers to testify at this public hearing on behalf of Short Term Rentals and to oppose the short term rental regulations as proposed.  The Board of Supervisors was absolutely stunned as they knew absolutely nothing about hosts at this time. AirBnB is the most popular platform in the area but others include VRBO and Homeaway.  

July 31 Board of Supervisors Vote

Despite hundreds of letters, meetings with almost every Supervisor and many concerns raised regarding the proposed short term rental regulations on platforms like AirBnB, VRBO, and Homeaway, they passed extremely restrictive regulations to govern short term rentals.  What they passed violates state laws, ruling by the Virginia Supreme Court, Dillon Rule, HUD fair housing, due process and more. 

Citizens 4 STR members file lawsuit to challenge regulations

The legal process to challenge the short term rental regulations that passed requires that we file a law suit within 30 days.  We have excellent legal representation and the lawsuit is extremely well written and thorough.  Fairfax County lawyers are attempting to have it thrown out and claim it has no merit. airbnb short term rental

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